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Jon Hopkins - Breathe This Air feat. Purity Ring (Official Video) by DOMINO RECORDS

Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXIV References by moviepilot - Gute Filme für Kino, DVD & TV

A visual cheat sheet to Guillermo del Toro’s trailer for ‘The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror XXIV’

Spoils: Extraordinary Harvest (a short film about dumpster diving) by Alex Mallis

Could this be a potential way to interact with AI in the near future? Would you accept this level of intimacy without the contact of bodies and the exchange of fluids? 

The scenario remotely brings to mind Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror series, but it’s definitely on our list to watch when it hits the theatre.  

Her with Joaquin Phoenix - Official Trailer (by FanReviews)

A Tribute To Alfred Hitchcock (by Jean-Baptiste Lefournier)

The ultimate fan-made epic trailer for the greatest movie you will never see. // ETERNA (by Vadzim Khudabets)


A 3D Printer with an Undo Button? It’s possible.

"A group of grad students at the Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles have harnessed the ability to fix the past when it comes to 3-D printing. Traditional 3-D printers create objects by incrementally printing thousands of 2-D layers, which makes going back to fix things impossible. That’s why Brian Harms, the lead designer of theSuspended Dispositions project, and his team created a freeform printer that injects ultraviolet-curable liquid resin into a tank of gel using a needle-thin print head mounted on a robotic arm. The resin stays in liquid form until it comes into contact with UV light, which means designers can retrace missteps, manually or robotically, and fix potential design flaws. It’s essentially like pressing an “undo” button.”


(via Fast Co.Labs-

(via emergentfutures)


I Am Legend was 5 years off on this one.

It’s happening!

Veronica Mars Movie - Comic-Con Sneak Peek (by FanReviews)

One article to rule them all. The Verge is working its magic again with its coverage over the PRISM scandal that rocked the global community. 

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